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Different Asia Cup for Mashrafe

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 2004 feet in international cricket after having just missed out on the Asian kapatai Mashrafe Mortaza. 2008, 2010, 2001, 2014 in each of the four played in the Asia Cup. Each tournament is played as a member of the team. However, this is going to be different to Mashrafe Asia cup. This is the first in the Asia Cup in Bangladesh captain!
Mohammad Ashraful played in the Asia Cup in Pakistan under the leadership of the 008. Bowling service did not match up properly yourself. 4 wickets in 5 matches found. Shakib Al Hasan played under the latter. Performance technology is like having two wickets in the match -3.
However, the 01 Asia cup smaraniyai him to stay. The tournament returned to the squad after recovering from injuries to 11 months. -4 6 wickets in the match bowling performance was to say, the success of the Asia Cup. Mushfiqur Rahim led Bangladesh in the final was beyond personal success. The two-run defeat to Pakistan and then secrete tears. Shakib and Mushfiqur still wet with tears as head of the cricket. Mashrafe partner of the bad memories.
The Asia Cup is back in his old 'enemy' injury. The first match against India after the sudden abdominal muscles (side strain) was injured. Asia Cup Mashrafe suddenly come to an end! After the experience of the Asian Cup is coming to Mashrafe amlamadhura new. Nearly 15-year career as a captain for the first four games of this tournament was going to play!
This is going to be the first in Asia to determine the superiority of the three-match cricket. The short version of the old game of weakness. Twenty ryankintao masaraphidera is reason for joy. According to the latest ranking, Afghanistan, Bangladesh below. Therefore, this version of the acknowledged weaknesses of their own. So it was a big reason behind the failure of T-toyentite not play enough matches. However, this argument is less opportunity to show. Twenty of the International League for the past four months and has played together a lot of players Twenty matches. November BPL in January after the Zimbabwe series of Khulna. Shakib and Rahim has played the Twenty piesaele league. There is a chance to go over their final practice starting today.
Mashrafe led by extraordinary one-day cricket in the last year and a half has been a huge transformation of Bangladesh. However, T-toyentite success is yet to tell. Mashrafe just under 9 wins 4. Did not win a single match series against Pakistan later in the series. T-toyentite ghocanora their failure, the patch-01 Asia Cup final, the challenge in front of so many of Mortaza.

Standing in front of a big challenge, therefore, for the time being unresponsive. Team captains are bound to secrecy under the protocol, but some do not want to answer with a performance in the field, of course.

1 match in the 11

Andy went to ganataumi a surprise match. The only innings without a century in the West Indies squad ganataumi Why did not the subject of controversy ever. Bangladesh has played international cricket just like ganataumira. The number of not less than -11. Twenty one game in the last one year payment Rony Talukder, apparently out of Mosaddeq Hossain and Muktar Ali.
The 11 people, however, do not have any stories like ganataumira. Attention away from domestic cricket after the national team failed to perform to tell them no. The three versions of the game have come together this list of those who have played just one match.
Wahidul Ghani
Leg-spinner, 1988
1988 was the second match of the Asia Cup in Bangladesh, the leg-spinner. Chittagong 3 runs in 6 overs against Pakistan in the international game Wahidul And did not get the chance. Bangladesh now get the chance to play more matches Wahidul name would not be on the list.
Zakir Hassan
Right-arm fast bowler, 1997
Another nine years after the Asia Cup. The third Test debut against India in Colombo, the service Zakir Hasan. Bangladesh made 130 appearances over 43 rain. 0 ranata to cross over to India would reach the final. India reached the target in 15 overs Sourav Ganguly violence. With 17 runs in two overs bowlers Zakir.
Shariful Haque
Off-spinner, 1998
The off-spinner, known as the flood in 1998 against India in the Independence Cup. 1 to 6 sixes and 10 runs batted at number 11 on his international career highlights. 3 overs, 1 wicket less-runs Shariful original work was in error.
Zakir Hussain
Right-arm fast bowler, 1998
Independence Cup debut against Pakistan in the pace of the match. The first ball out of the batting, bowling 4 overs 18 runs for the second wicket less-Zakir International final play of the game.
Aminul Islam, Jr.
Right-arm fast bowler, 1999
Bhola is played domestic cricket, also known as Mr. Merrill International Cup against Kenya. 1 unbeaten run batting, bowling 5 overs for 33 runs otiyanora Kennedy wicket. And Aminul mismatch opportunity.
Right-handed batsman, 1999
Permalink experienced soldier on domestic kapei Merrill's first and only international match before the World Cup played. Selim, known as the Zimbabwe batsmen scored 3 runs in 8 balls.
Ahmed Kamal
Right-arm fast bowler, 1999
Coach Eddie Barlow was one of the most beloved players the opportunity Kamal at the wrong time. The second one-day international series against the West Indies legend Brian Lara scored a century in just 45 balls. With 39 runs in 5 overs Kemal, known as Colonel Campbell was serauina wickets.
Vikas Ranjan Das
Left-arm paceman, 2000
The development has been the only international match debut testatai. 1 with 64 runs in 19 overs in the first innings against India in the development of wickets in the second innings, 8 runs in 3 overs. Did not get a chance to develop and run bat.
Mazharul Haq
Right-handed batsman, 2000
The players had an opportunity akalaprayata 2000 against Australia in the Champions Trophy. 3 runs from 18 balls, was caught by Gilchrist behind the stumps Majharul Gillespie said. 4 bowling ball 4 runs in 013 at the age of 3 who died this player.
Jamaluddin Ahmed
The all-rounder, 2003
Jamalauddinera domestic first-class career was dazzling enough. 003 in the first one-day international against England on his debut with Nafis Iqbal and Manzarul Rana. He scored an unbeaten 18 with the bat against the ball 8 runs in 4 overs Jamal was a wicket less.
Nazmus Sadat
The left-hander, 2006

Domestic cricket and Bangladesh 'A' team playing 006 games for the first international three-day opener had the chance. Easily won the match against Zimbabwe, Bangladesh made 3 to 4 Nazmus.

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Tendulkar's record now is book

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He still retained a lot of batting records. Garagariye put the bat on retirement but continues to record the wheel. The record books sell. Tendulkar's autobiographical book 'Playing It My Way' world record in terms of selling on Thursday.

NDTV reported and GTV, which was published on November 6, Sachin Tendulkar 2014 autobiographical book 'Playing It My Way'. Printed version are two types of fiction and non-fiction categories of books sold is now the highest in the world. So far, the book has sold 1 million copies of 89 to 50 thousand. This is a new record. The book is being sold at Rs 899 in India.

The 4-year-19892013 Tendulkar's cricket has his own all the records almost impossible. His unique achievement of 100 centuries in international cricket. Tendulkar was dropped on the first day after the release of his autobiography to respond. Harry Potter author JK Rowling, Steve Jobs from Walter Isaac had left behind all the cricket legend. 'Playing It My Way' selling the book, hard cover adult "record book" has entered the Limca Book of Records.

Sachin Tendulkar of India hyacetti co-author of this book was published in Buria Majumdar. Tendulkar's international debut against Pakistan in 1989 after a career out of cricket for the whole of the book of life did not exclude anything. In the late nineties, when he was captain of the team wanted to withdraw from the Little Genius, former India coach Greg Chappell in his autobiography he refers to the "willful" He has called. The first being the father, with him, Dennis Lillee and evaluate various aspects of life of the Chinese team gathers to eat galpasaha Tendulkar.

Tamim want to play in Pakistan

Mashrafe Mortaza, Shakib, Tamim, Mushfiq play on the ground in Pakistan, one step ahead of the decision, the two may be postponed by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). The first thing comes to safety. He expressed the hope that Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal playing the dust! Jalamira Peshawar, Pakistan Super League (PSL) on Thursday before returning home at the end of the game Tamim such voices out of hope.

Tamim said: "This tournament (PSL) will bring nothing good for Pakistan cricket. I hope, next year in Pakistan, Bangladesh, the national team can play a few games. "

009 Sri Lankan cricketers to play in Pakistan was attacked by a large group of 6 years. Last year, Bangladesh was upbeat about Pakistan. But keeping in mind the safety of the 01 parties did not agree to send the BCB. They touch on Zimbabwe. Was successful.

Pakistan welcomed the African team in the same year. The series ends with a lot of caution. But despite continued terrorist activities. Although Zimbabwe is not an attack on the players. No team in Pakistan for a long time because of the burning kriketamodira disappointed. Fans hope, as ever international cricket back to Pakistan. However, when it is, there is a concern about.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan Super League was recently jalamira Iqbal scatter light. There is still the highest in the Dubai tournament on behalf of Peshawar, has 267 runs. Unfortunately, the family was not the end of the tournament. He was halfway back to the tournament.

Tamim faced reporters on Thursday before returning home. He was asked, what Pakistan can play Bangladesh in the near future? Tamim then, the next year (017), Bangladesh cricket team to play in Pakistan and expressed the hope that bilateral series.

Tamim team piesaele jalami Peshawar. Bangladeshi cricketer impressed with the management team to manage. Thanked the management Tamim said, "I had to struggle in the first few games. I thought, I think the bat, the same may not be able to bat. But I've been lucky that runs behind the barriers. Myanejamenterao achievement of Peshawar. They like me, I have to play. "

In September last year, Bangladesh's national women's cricket team touring Pakistan played. And returned home safely. Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, but no other parties do not want to play for Pakistan. That's a lot of security risks. Pakistan hopes to play in such circumstances show opener!

Ronaldo earn to 15 second half million!

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15 seconds is not a million and a half! That means, every second around Rs 63 lakh. So it's a huge thing for Bill Gates. Cristiano Ronaldo, however, the same price-per-second. A telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia for 2013 bijnapanacitrera Ronaldo was the incredible sum of money.

Ronaldo is the world's highest income at the moment. Khe, this game has the club fees, as well as panyaduta several major organizations. However, two million to 10 million euros for Ronaldo to earn betanata but the whole season to play. There is only so big is strictly income of 15 million euros in seconds.

His presence, however, the length of the ad, 15 seconds behind, but it was more labor. In addition, in accordance with the terms of the agreement, as well as to stand in front of the camera has to spend a session with fans. Oh well, Ronaldo autographed shirt to work five two posts and Twitter!

And without this, a quarter of a minute, and had revenue of EUR 1.1 million in the period! Normally, however, advertising and image rights income is not less than the real star. There are several products in his own name. The hotel business has written, would say good for business. It is also clear that such a big killing me. The news has leaked phutabalalikasa.

For a few days, several bombs phatiyechila this website, the news brought out a lawn in a pot.

Real Madrid win one leg in Rome last eight

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Revenge would be sweet to say. As a team such as Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo has to take revenge, just answer the criticism damtabhanga. The first leg of the last sixteen of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday night, winning everything Replied Real and Ronaldo.

Real 2-0 alimpikote study in Rome, Italy defeated the club AS romake guest. Ronaldo scored the gyalaktikodera and Jesse. Put one foot in the quarter-finals with a victory this season champions 10 times. March 8 will play the second-leg home ground Santiago barnabyute Real. German clubs such as Real Madrid ended an eight-watching ulaphasabargao. 32 pre-quarter-final first leg, they beat the Belgian club jentake. The pair scored ulaphasabargera draksalara Julian. Max scored another crossbow. Szent esabhena cums and scored the kaulibali Khalifa.

since 2015  November 9 at the opponent failed to score a goal Ronaldo. At the time, the criticism has been one of the best players face. AS Roma in the Champions League last sixteen match to play in the field before being reminded journalists at the Portuguese star was very angry. However, the field has responded to the criticism and the Seven C. One goal has clearly been a dazzling, his days are still not exhausted.

Rome in the first half, Real Madrid's star players could get an advantage. Roma were playing football on the defensive over the goal. The first half ended with a goalless equality. However, the second half of the great Ronaldo Roma did not give up and diphendarara. Roma, 57 minutes, getting the ball to Marcelo's pass towards goal rushed to the Portuguese star. One of the great defenders outside the penalty box by overcoming AS Roma was involved in a curved shot the ball in the net. After Ronaldo's goal was like watching the celebrations. Zinedine Zidane came and embraced dagaauta running coach. Real Madrid scored the second goal in the 86 minute Jesse.

Ronaldo scored a great performance in the Champions League debut as coach, Zidane was great. 200 The French legend as a player, Real Madrid won the victory. You can repeat the same success as the coach, according to Real fans expectations. Carlo Ancelotti's 014 as a partner in the Real Madrid win La desima Zidane took part in the festival. He made his debut as head coach of the war in Europe, but man, can not think of anything except the title.

French football legend winning his debut, however, showed little emotion. However, he was satisfied with the team's best player round out the Bernabeu. Zidane said that everyone had to expect Ronaldo to score. Finally, he settled all expectations. Harley did not play a bad match in Roma. Real Madrid kept the pressure on in the first half, but made several goal opportunities. But unfortunately pharoyardadera or failure, the Italian club did not receive the expected goals. After the match, the coach of Roma's goals have not regretted so jhareche spalettira. He said, we all have the game, but the goal is not found.

You may remember that about 008 Roma coach. He has led the service to Real Madrid in the quarter-finals, two Roma were filled with humiliation. Through it day after Real Madrid win is sweet revenge.

McCullum Can dye ?

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Filled with a sense of excitement to the tour comes to an end. A inanition, memories behind for ... tomorrow is a little worried from the start of the second Test against New Zealand and Australia abahajure feeling strong. Test results are being discussed, team discussions, speculations are going on the pitch. But beyond all the past behind Ragini plug-bye for the last time in this Test Brendon McCullum takes the field.
The name has become a series of undeclared 'McCullum farewell series. The two neighbors across the Tasman Sea, cross-fight strong, but each of his invisible presence at the press conference. However, his team and the opponent, the New Zealand captain pat on the back face. There will be-or why not? He was enjoying cricket bat word mantra. The captain of the 'smyasa or crash' vision of the team to play the way he depicts. The batsman, skipper McCullum is the only one of these little oblation.
His last Test was his hundredth career. And it's non-stop. The first player in history to break the New Zealand batsmen played one Test hundred. What a great professionalism, the great fitness! It must be his praise. McCullum was ranate at the mailaphalakata. He made two innings of 20 and 10, also lost the match by an innings. McCullum to be able to go through before you dye?
New Zealand captain's farewell gift to the players there is a persecution. New Zealand fast bowler Trent Boult said at a press conference the day after tomorrow, "Honestly, I think the last Test I feel bad. His relationship with the extraordinary team. Everyone is looking forward to play with him for the last time. "Unstinted praise for captain's jhareche Bolt," and has similarly seen khelatakei changed. Now that the people of New Zealand cricket team is so excited about it because of her. His playing style, due to the aggressive captaincy. His lack'll feel a lot more. "
McCullum of New Zealand may float sentiments, Australia does not have the same liability. Rather, the goal of winning the ODI series smithadera Steve-up at the top of the Test ryankinyerao. McCullum departing sambardhanake maximum effort to avoid losing smithara not. However, the opposition will have praise for the Australian captain's captain, and great players. New Zealand has a lot of cricket. "
McCullum was discussed in this Test number one, number two wickets remains. Wellington, New Zealand coach Mike Hesson wanted more than a green wicket. However, two significant injuries have robbed him of pace from both teams. Australia's Peter getting sidalake, Doug Bracewell of New Zealand.
There will be the end of the dream of dye, which together with the blame going to save the series. You can find the motivation Zealand Christchurch's Hagley Oval Test from the previous one. He had a big role in which New Zealand 195 runs to win.

Is there anything this time? Sometimes fairy tales do come down to the ground! AFP, Cricinfo.

Domestic football again Delay

Already this year due to domestic football is still in the field garayani. There was talk at the end of this month, the new season will screen the Independence Cup. But the league tomorrow at a meeting of the Committee has once again postponed the game.

According to the new decision, the transfer deadline on February 8 until March was increased from 20. Independence Cup starting on March 30 with the game. Because a lot of the time extension. Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi their first AFC Cup match in Singapore on February 3. 8 and 15 March, at its two home matches. Means domestic play-off matches. Whether it's national and club teams. In addition to the Independence Day ceremony on March 17 at the Bangabandhu Stadium in Dhaka district administration said. Jordan national team will play the sidelines. All of its decision to delay the game.

However, all the greater because of the formation of the club and the team did not have time to come to the premiere of Uttar Baridhara. The game had been deferred in view of the two parties to seek, said Salam Murshidi League Committee, "the club wanted. The response we got badhyai pechate the game. However, due to Jamal and national team matches was enough to keep the game close. However, as much as possible to keep the playing field, we were in favor. But the system does not change anything. "

'System' that the club wants, is the same. To delay the game and they advance. For this reason, any sucii BFF is properly implemented. In February this year, as some had thought to put an end to the match. It was not until the end.